Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Acceptable losses

I can understand with much of the disdain that Assassin's Creed Unity garnered. It is certainly a step backward for the franchise, and not just because there are no pirate ships. There are fewer side distractions and where I have found so far have been very generic. Locking out some of them to force the player into the companion app doesn't help and locking out even more until you spend points on lock picking is even worse. The co-op missions are optional and can be tackled solo but are little more than guided tours through already traveled areas.

The series crested with Black Flag and Rogue, of that there is no doubt. But is Unity bad? No, it just suffers from being the first of the new generation, forced to focus its efforts on the big wows of giant crowds of people and tremendous draw distances at the expense of acceptable frame rate and general stability (the former possible caused by me playing it on the Xbox One...). Black Flag was just an up port, Unity tries to reinvent the wheel.

This wheel is certainly shiny but it isn't very round.

No hard crashes yet but a lot of little annoyances. The sound is particularly bad: ambient noises will stop for no reason as you climb higher. Plus there have been more than one occurrence of textures bouncing back and forth between low and high rez versions. I will forgive them because I remember how well the first Assassin's Creed ran. This is the first game all over again, just bigger.

I will still enjoy the game because I want to enjoy it. It will not receive the thorough cleaning out that Rogue and Black Flag did. I will do just enough to get by, attempt the co-op missions on my own, and then move on the rest of my leftovers from last year.

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