Friday, January 16, 2015


In the past two days I have impaled by left finger with a screwdriver and sliced my right finger just below the nail while stripping cat 5 cable. The screwdriver hurt more but the slice is bled and bled and bled.

What do my injuries have to do with anything? They are a convenient excuse as to why I have been so bad at Guilty Gear during my last several attempts. I am avoiding Assassin's Creed for reason that this should make clear. Once I start it I will finish it which well bring to a quick end my time for little free games like D4 or fighting games.

Anyway, I was terrible at Xrd last night but it follows my pattern with new fighting games, or at least games that people I play with are new to. I catch on quickly, find abuse-able/cheap shit, and then abuse it until people figure it out. For example, May has a very ambiguous air to ground attack that makes for a good front/back mixup. In the beginning of a fighting game no one knows what works as an anti-air so I used to move all the time for big damage.

People know their anti-airs now and I have no found another avenue of attack. On top of that I don't know my anti-airs so I eat jump ins like they are going out of style. My learning curve is a little front loaded, hampered by how upset I get when I fall behind.

The game is good, I will learn it. Eventually.


I don't think D4 fits my definition of 'game'. Yes, I control some of what is happening on the screen via a controller, but it feels more like a hidden object game than anything else. I spend all my time pushing and pulling on things, trying to find the next clue, and when I find them all I don't actually have to do any deducing, it is all done for me.

It's not much fun, I don't like the characters and the fake Boston accent. If it isn't done tonight I will walk away from it in favor of *sigh* a game that has no pirate ships in it and really should.

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