Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I don't get it

I finished Advanced Warfare last night.


Then I installed Assassin's Creed Unity and downloaded the 6.5 gig patch. You read that right. The patch is larger that most games. Playing it several months after release looks to have been the right call but I know full well that it will have the exact same things to offer as Advanced Warfare.

So instead of starting Unity I started Dark Dreams Don't Die. It was free this month and I was slightly curious about it when the game first came out. After about an hour my only reaction is 'I don't get it.' Part Kinect vehicle, part David Lynch film. So far I have a main character who has no memory of his wife being murdered and has devoted his life to finding the culprit, a woman who speaks only in cat sounds and actually eats mice, an ex-partner who enables he main characters alcoholic lifestyle by cleaning up his messes, all sorts of disconnected game play elements and useless  motion controls.

I have avoided waving my arms about and opted for the thumb sticks which means I move around less but does not mean that I understand any more. There is just not much game here but there is certainly a lot to take in. If nothing else, it makes me uncomfortable and I want to see how it turns out.

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