Thursday, January 8, 2015

Is it that time already?

ZZZzz.... mmm.. wha? New year? Well, would you look at that. Feels the same as last year. In fact, Canada has once again blessed is most of the 48 contiguous states with her frigid, unwanted air, just like last year. It is 1 degree outside. That is without the wind chill. And it is snowing. This makes it the perfect time to try to put a dent into the remains of last year's list. It will be slow going, as there were good free games from both Microsoft and Sony this month, and there are still big retail releases to be played.

Maybe, just maybe, Assassins Creed will be patched into submission by the time I get to it.


If you have played either of the previous Borderlands games and have had your fill of them there is no reason whatsoever to play the pre-sequel. It is exactly the same and what few changes were made are to the games detriment. I am speaking specifically about placing the whole game in a low gravity environment. Being able to leap tall craters in a single bound would be fun if it was the exception. When it is the norm and the level designers take that into account by making large, poorly laid out vertical levels it becomes decidedly less fun. I abandoned several quests just because I could not figure out where to go.

The shooting and loot collecting still work just as well as before if that is all you are looking for. My lawbringer seemed to lag behind, damage wise, until I unlocked a level twenty five skill that cloned whatever handgun I had in one hand into the other. Suddenly she dealt a ton of damage at the expensive of all of her ammo. I probably screwed up the build but it felt like a long time to wait for some payback on leveling. When that skill finally unlocked the opposite was true: I combined it with here action skill which automatically aimed at the nearest enemy and increased the reload speed and I was unstoppable. Her balance just felt off from beginning to end.

It was not terrible, I played it through to end, and I will soon forget it. On a slightly sad side note this is probably the last new game that will be played on my 360. I cannot see getting rid of the hardware, at least not until Street Fighter 5 comes out, but this marks the bitter sweet end of the seventh generation for me. I burned through three or four Xbox 360s (and one fat launch PS3 that will run forever) and I don't regret a dollar or hour spent.

Not even the hours spent on Ride to Hell.

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