Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The more I expect the less I get

I an almost willing to admit that I dismissed Advanced Warfare too quickly. There was particularly impressive sequence last night that saw the Golden Gate bridge taken out by suicide drones that I think I will remember for more than a few days. Then I tried to think of the same kind of moments from previous games and realized that yes, they do exist, but I have no idea which game they are from and the names of any of the characters who were in them.

There was a crazy battle on a train that was being fired at by an orbital platform, an escape from a sinking freighter, the airport massacre and several slow motion nuclear explosions that I think are from Call of Duty games. There is no context to the memories, no emotion behind them, no lump in my throat when the images surface because there are no names or faces to go with the explosions.

The Call of Duty series has the same weight as the Roger Moore Bond movies. Cool things happened but no one remembers when.

Mechanically there have been additions, all of which feel cribbed from the last Crysis game. Of course it looks good, it has a budget that rivals the GDP of several small countries. But there's no feeling, no suspense. Of course the Kevin Spacey character turns out to be Kaiser Soze, why else would he be there? Of course the good guys end up being the bad guys and the bad guys turn out to be either not so bad or right all along. There has to be at least a little plot to pull the player from stage piece to stage piece. Parts of the game feel like waiting in line for a ride at Disney World: they do everything they can to distract you from the fact that you aren't doing anything.

This isn't enough anymore. I feel bad that for a long time it was. I want more little games with heart like last year's Brothers. Heaven help me I want more indy games.

And more fighting games. Guilty Gear Xrd is excellent. Mortal Kombat X should be excellent. The new Dead or Alive will be skipped because I have at least some self respect.

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