Monday, February 2, 2015

And I'm done

I think that I am finally, finally coming to the end of Assassins Creed: Unity. I have stopped going out of my way to pick up anything, instead running from mission to mission in a sprint towards the ends, and it is still taking far too long. The current plan is to not even both with the free DLC that Ubisoft handed out as an apology for the game not working at launch. I normally do not turn my nose up at free anything but just have no interest in playing as Arno any longer.

There is one nit I forgot to pick on Friday regarding the combat: Arno has a very difficult time dealing with ranged attacks. Shay could grab an opponent as use them as a shield which looked bad ass and helped deal with crowds of enemies. All Arno can do is dodge roll and that only works if he isn't in the middle of any other animations. Bullets hurt. Rifle shots from two roof tops away routinely take off 50% health. But Chamberlain, be stealthy!

Yeah, fuck that, I am tired of the game, it does not deserve the time required for true stealthiness. I having officially OD'd on Assassins Creed.

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