Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gah, the feels!

I am embarrassingly behind on my consumption of non-game media. In my defense very little on television interests me, I do not have cable, and movies that are worth the money and hassle to see in the theater are few and far between. There is an unwritten list of movies that I think I should see but the real list, the one over to the right, is rarely short enough accommodate it.

Last night I found myself on day three of having nothing new to play and not wanting to buy a new game out of boredom. I had finished up Little Big Planet 3, even toyed with the creative mode for a few minutes before getting bored, which is more than I can say for the first game. inFamous Last Light was next on the list. It was very, very good but it only took two nights of work. I even had a dalliance with The Swapper, which was at the very least amusing until I realized that I was playing the game with the YouTube walk through open on a second screen.

Killer Instinct made a quick resurgence, taking up most of Saturday night. I moved up a few multiplayer ranks because no one plays Thunder anymore and his super cheap tick command throw loops worked again. Until they didn't and I was fucked. Again. I didn't want to play that any more last night.

Out of desperation I trolled through the Xbox Video new releases and found Guardians of the Galaxy. I am not really a Marvel guy. I saw The Avengers and it was okay but I have not seen any of the Iron Man, Captain American or Thor movies. Those all seem so interconnected that coming in late requires around ten hours of movie catch up time. Guardians was different. It was a movie that I could watch in isolation.

I was fully prepared for a 'meh' evening. I knew all of the characters, all the funny parts, most of the plot. I knew about 'we are Groot' because The Internet.

Thirty minutes in I pulled up from my slouched position on the love seat. I leaved forward and did not lean back until it was done. And my heart grew three sizes.

It was, on occasion, visually busy to the point that it was difficult to see what is going on. The same can be said for most modern science fiction as they have not learned the Jurassic Park lesson of not doing things just because they can. It also moved from location to location with such abandon that it threatened to leave the audience behind.

But tt was the moments between the giant battles that the movie got me. When things weren't blowing up, when it was just the five losers trying to not kill each other, that was when I believed. Example: Dave Bautista is not a traditional actor. He is a wrestler (and a mediocre one, at that). But his Drax was perfect. At the end....


...after the bad guy is destroyed with the power of heart (serious Captain Planet reference) and they are literally picking up the pieces of Groot he comforts Rocket. Rocket, a character that does not exist on the set, is weeping over his friend and Drax, played by a man whose job it is to be the beef, pets him. My head is tearing apart how it was done and how much of the scene was computer generated and my heart said 'hey fuck you, this is awesome.'

Guardians of the Galaxy did that over and over. I will make an attempt to see the inevitable sequel in the theater. High praise indeed.

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  1. I totally teared up at the end last time I watched it, but it was at the part where Gamorah reaches out after Quill grabbed the stone and said "Peter! Take my hand!" and he sees his mother.

    Awesome show. Love James Gunn (he directed Slither, Super and wrote the script for Lollipop Chainsaw).