Thursday, February 12, 2015

Softer with age

Many, many years ago I wrote reviews for a little site called SavingProgress. No one read it; it was essentially the reviewers writing for one another and critiquing each others work. That changed when I gave the original Little Big Planet an incredibly poor review, calling it 'Sony's Field of Bad Dreams' and wondering 'where the game is in this toy box of boring toys.' It was brutal click bait that at least one person took issue with. It brought in one of the only comments I ever received on a review in which I was called me an 'X-bot' for daring to speak poorly of a Sony exclusive.

I was being trolled. This meant that I had arrived. Not long after the site fell apart taking all of my reviews with it. Even the internet seems to not remember them, anymore, and I certainly don't have copies of them.

Those were good days. In the spirit of nostalgia I have started Little Big Planet 3, fully expecting to hate it for the same reason I will never play Minecraft: I don't come to a game expecting to do all of the work for it. I come to be entertained, not put together levels for myself because the developers were too creatively bankrupt to do so.

...time passes...

Damnit, age has softened me, Little Big Planet 3 is not terrible at all. The platforming is still floaty and imprecise but the level design is interesting. Tiny bits of creative mode are used to the adventure but are entirely optional. There is even a touch of a story here, cliched but sweet. Instead of a sandbox with a game attached to it this is a game with a sandbox available on the side. It makes a huge difference.

I know that I am coming off of an bit of an 'episode' at the hands of Lords of the Fallen so perhaps it is the calmness of the narration or lack of death penalty or soothing pace that I am enjoying. Or maybe I have matured a bit in the ensuing years and no longer need to tear apart games for the fun of it.

...nah, tearing apart games will never get old. Little Big Planet 3 just doesn't deserve it.


Oh shit, I found it. I uploaded a bunch of reviews to GiantBomb in 2009.


  1. It has to be said. Savingprogress is a fucking brilliant VG blog name.

    pretty damn jealous over here.

  2. I would but it back but someone still owns it.