Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This is what get for trying something new

Did I say something nice about Lords of the Fallen?

Yeah, fuck that game. Fuck it and games of its ilk that hide potentially good experiences behind ludicrous difficulty. Fuck it for wasting my time.

There is no reason for every encounter to be a nail biting, life or death battle. For fucks sake, let the player breath once in a while. Let there be some success in the early part of the game before turning up the heat. I want to play this game and I can't. It has decided that it is more important to kick my ass via boss fights that highlight holes in how the game controls than it is to allow me to learn its rules.

Don't have much content? Make what is there hard to pad the play time. Don't know how to make a boss interesting? Make of all of his hits lethal.

Fuck this whole genre. I am done with it. These aren't even games, they are self abuse. Why anyone would subject themselves to constant dis-empowerment at the hands of someone else's creation is beyond me. This isn't about being good or bad and a game, it is about the few people who have the patience to do something that other don't making excuses for bad design.

The only skill required here is to resist the desire to turn the damn thing off. Fuck it, I won.

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