Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Vacation time

Playing Lego Batman 3 is like taking a vacation. Assassins Creed: Unity really was work, especially the last quarter, even more so than slogging through the most recent Call of Duty. I didn't care about the characters, I didn't care about the exploration, I just longed for the sweet, sweet credits to roll so I could call it a day.

There is one lingering plot question that I can't let go. I will spoil it because the came out last year and everyone who actually cares has played it already. Around two thirds of the way through Arno is cast out of the Assassins for taking things into his own hands. It was clear that his motivation was one of vengeance and he had no loyalty to the creed (whatever that is). The assassins didn't kill him, or even rough him up, they just ushered him out of the secret front door.

After a two day bender Arno was back on his feet, an exiled assassin running around with an exiled templar. Why would either organization allow this? Arno was not hard to find, he was the guy running laps on rooftops in a hood. No one ever came to look for him and he kept right on with his quest for revenge.

Unless that was the plan all along and the assassins could then deny responsibility... I am not sure that I am willing to give the game that much credit.

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