Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Most of the things I hate

I had a cup of coffee with Evolve last night. It was gross, kind of lukewarm and gritty. There was a tutorial that took me through how both the monster and humans controlled. It was boring, but it was the tutorial, so got over it and started the game proper.

This is a multi-player focused game. I understand that, however previous games in the 'genre', namely Left 4 Dead and its sequel, had an enjoyable single player component. If nothing else, the games functioned as designed when played solo. I do not know if Evolve functioned or not. The game proper was just as if not more boring than the tutorial so I gave up after fifteen minutes, all of which had been spent tracking a monster who I could not see through an environment that I did not care for while listening to party banter that made my brain hurt.

No redeeming features. None.


In spite of my legitimate complaints about The Crew I keep playing it. The incremental car part upgrade system  has hooked the part of my brain that likes to see numbers get bigger. Its proper place will be to take up time that I am not playing anything else and there are two digital only releases that have my attention. Hand of Fate keeps calling to me and I have so far resisted, hoping that it goes on sale. I do not know how long that resolve will last.

And I should play Hotline Miami 2 just to play something current.

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