Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One day at a time

Hotline Miami 2 just does not stop. It give no fucks. One enemy left in an area? Fuck you, he is now not where he has been on the past hundred attempts, he is right behind you. Out of ammo and the last guy cannot be melee killed? Fuck you, he is going to guard the ammo crate. Invisible areas around the edge of the screen? Why of course that is where shotgun wielding enemies are going to hide.

On several occasions last night I said aloud 'I don't think that this can be done.' Then I died for about an hour and did it. Nothing changed, I just overcame the obstacle via either a lucky enemy spawn or brief moments of incredibly alacrity and skill. There might be a story here, I think it has something to do with post traumatic stress disorder and copy cat killers, but I have zero investment in it. I am going to finish the game because the game does not want me to.

Spite is a powerful motivator. I am just not going to go at it two nights in a row. The Crew has survived my initial dismissal and, in spite of errors connected to their server one evening, has been more fun than I expected. It is an always online game but the 'online' nature of it is not forced on the player. This means that it should run without without talking to Ubisoft's servers, which is doesn't, but I have a difficult time faulting it for something that never actually bothers me. At worst it means that I run across other drivers but no one seems to be bothering anyone else is free drive mode. There may be more trolling in the PvP events and that is precisely why I am not going to try them.

It is the best kind of multiplayer, the kind that exists alongside the single player without destroying it.


In my new office and there is nothing on the walls. I have never had to decorate one before and I am not sure what to do. I own no art...

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