Monday, March 30, 2015

Spoiler free, for your pleasure

Tell Tale has a blank check from me. In spite of The Walking Dead Season 2 not even coming close to the first season it was still excellent. The Wolf Among Us was better than both. This means that Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands were both purchased without hesitation. Due to their episodic nature they are very difficult to talk about without giving everything away and it has recently being noted that I never mark my spoilers.

No spoilers coming!

Tales from the Borderlands had a slow start. It was forced to suffer through an introduction episode because all of the characters were new. Game of Thrones didn't have this problem as many of the characters already existed, assuming that you have either read the books or watched the show.

...I have not done either so I spent most of the episode lost. It was still very interesting, if only because characters who appeared to be quite important died all over the place. I gather that this is common in Game of Thrones.

Since then there have been two Game of Thrones and one Tales episode and they are heading in opposite direction. Episode 2 of Tales was a huge jump, thanks in no small part to the 'return' of Handsome Jack. This is not a spoiler, he is on the box art. It also has a much tighter focus than Game of Thrones, limited to two main characters and their differing points of view. Game of Thrones has at least four, possibly more, and it is not clear how they all interact. This is may be par for the course for the show but it is not exactly compelling when the episodes are months apart.

Tales from the Borderlands also retains the humor of the other Borderlands games. To no ones surprise Game of Thrones is deadly serious, and that does get old. Having the occasional laugh is not a bad thing.

There, no spoilers, little content. I will bring them both up again in a few months when they are complete and everyone else will have played them.

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