Thursday, March 26, 2015

Take it easy on the old man

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 divides up its episodes into two parts: one with Claire and Moira and the other with Barry and scary little girl. This is a smart move because it chunks up the game into very bite sized pieces with liberal save points. The way I play, in two to three hour blocks, is not the norm, and the game manages to satisfy both extremes.

On the other hand, the two halves of each episode are not equal. The Claire/Moira areas are much, much more difficult and have me constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel for health and ammunition. Barry has a much easier time, better weapons, and plentiful bullets. This swing from too easy to too hard is annoying to the point that I almost put the game down two nights ago.

I understand that survival horror is all about managing resources. It is how the genre as always worked. To that effect I hoard ammunition like nobodies business, taking out enemies as efficiently as possible. A new monster/boss was introduced to Claire and Moira, one that fires flaming, explosive skulls a large area of effect, and he killed me the first time. No problem, next time I will clear out the smaller enemies around him to make it easier.

No no, says the game, theses smaller and still deadly enemies spawn continuously as long as the boss is alive. A game with finite bullets and finite health decided to an infinite numbers of monsters accompany a boss. The only solution was to rush him, shotgun in hand, and hope for the best. The best took around thirty minutes and was total bull shit.

It seems like I have been complaining about game difficulty more than usual. Lords of the Fallen made me crazy, this boss did the same, Hotline Miami 2 came damn close to embedding a controller in the wall. And still I plan to give Bloodborne the old college try. I am just no very bright.

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