Monday, March 16, 2015

The things I put up with

I came perilously close to giving up on Hotline Miami 2 on Saturday night. Two hours only one set of levels will do that. Up to that point I had no chosen characters other than the default so I didn't know how any of them worked. I was content to play this game just like the last one. Knowing this, and because time was spent on the new characters, the game decided to force me to use them. It did not go well.

The first was the dual wielding character shown off it the trailers. He wasn't too bad but I had to be very conservative with his ammo. Then came the guy who could not pick up guns but could literally punch people to death. That took a about an hour. And then were the zebra bastards. You control both of them, sort of. One has a chain saw and the other a gun, only the guy with the gun gets hung up on walls, doors, corpses, and invisible turtles.

It was absolutely brutal and kept me awake about an hour longer than I wanted to be. I was tired and angry and did not know where the game would start me if I quit. It was only then the the unfairness baked into Hotline Miami began to get to me.

You heard me, the game is not fair. Enemies can see and shoot you from off screen. Enemy placement is usually the same until it isn't and a shotgun wielding mook is in a place that has been safe on the previous dozen attempts. Picking up weapons when there is more than one in the area is random. The zebra guys are broken.

But the game is so good none of that really matters. I will put up with its insanity to see the next level, something that other notoriously difficult games have never urged me to do. I think it because I know the game is short. It is going to abuse me and then it will be done.

Once more onto the breach this evening.

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