Thursday, March 12, 2015


The lame duck period of a job is always difficult. My administrative rights were taken away last week without my knowledge so I have had little to do other than document things and poke around in forums. Even email notifications were changed. If something fails overnight not only will I not be able to fix it I wont know about it until morning.

It is terrifying. And liberating.

One more day, then a weekend, then my new place. It is fraught with risk; even now there is furious lawyer-ing in the distance, something that I hope to have no part of. When that all subsides, should it subside, it is still a tiny company that will make just enough profit to pay two people. This is something that I am doing for me, not to anyone, thought that point seems lost on the people in charge.

It's been a theme of late: doing things that I want to do. The tattoo is part of that (and I do promise to post a picture when it is complete) but on the whole I am trying to worry less and have more fun. For that to happen I need to stop babysitting servers. I wont miss those unfeeling boxes but they damn sure will miss me. My grudging affections were more then anyone else knew to give.

Working for a living sucks unless you are one of the blessed few who have found a way to make money doing something that is personally fulfilling. I just want to work and then go home.

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