Friday, April 3, 2015

A lack of understanding

After two evenings of play I have come to grips with the fact that I do not like Dying Light. The game isn't going to change and I am of course going to complain about it and still play through to the end because that is what I do. But we are never going to get along and I am not going to call it back in a few weeks when it says that it misses me.

Complaint the first: the platforming is not good. That is a problem for a game that is billed as zombie parkour. Fighting the hordes is never the best option. The odds quickly deteriorate as more zombies show up so staying above ground level is always a good idea. The game makes quite a point in the early areas that you need to be looking at the edge that you want to catch. If you aren't looking in the right place or the target has slid off screen you fall and are killed by either the ground our your train of undead admirers.

A little more forgiveness or stickiness to the platforming would have made a world of difference. That and it should be more clear what you can and cannot grab. I spent a good half hour trying to climb a tower only to find that the climbable surface was on the opposite side even though both sides looked identical. That time the crown of zombies below was content to watch and laugh, allowing my shame to kill me.

Complaint the second: there is no fast travel, or if there is, I haven't unlocked it yet. Fast travel in an open world game is a compromise between the game wanting all of the player's time and the player wanting to do other things with his or her life. I have unlocked every safe zone that I have come across, they should be good for something more than hiding in when night comes. At least let me travel to the Tower, the center of good guy operations, instead of treading over the same ground over and over.

Yes, there is a lot to see and much of it looks very good but when more than half of a play session consists of traveling over areas that I have already seen it is a problem. Familiarity breed contempt, especially when that familiarity is filled with zombies.


  1. Do you smell that? (Sniff) it's intoxicating. The seductive scent of the next Chamberlain & Chance.

  2. I have responded. Yes, it gets better later, but that is not an excuse.