Friday, April 24, 2015

Apotheon spoilers!

Seriously, I am going to talk about the end of the game and how cool it was.


Nikandreos, the protagonist of Apotheon, never speaks. Taking a page from other great silent protagonists like Gordon Freeman he is nothing more than the players avatar. It works because to inject character into Nikandreos would put it right up against God of War. It already shares more than a passing resemblance to its 3D big brother so avoiding the inevitable pissing match Kratos and Nikandreos is probably a good thing.

This works because everything else in the game has enough character to make up for it. The gods have personality, some bow to Nikandreos' ever growing might and others (you guessed it, Ares) fight him to the very end. The levels themselves are filled with interesting details, not in graphic fidelity but in authentic (or at least authentic looking, I am no historian) touches.

And then, when the game is done, Nikandreos has a moment so great that it makes up for all the nothing he did before. The gods are all dead or have been subdued except Hera who had been helping him. Hera had been discovered by Zeus and chained to the top of Mount Olympus. Nikandreos defeats Zeus, at least it appears so, and Hera commands him to release her.

Nikandreos has accumulated the power of most of the pantheon, up to and including Zeus' thunder. He looks at the chain holding Hera, looks at the thunderbolt in his hands, and walks the fuck away.

It was glorious. This was not the last fight, and my spoilers are done, but it was a sign of man rejecting the gods and striking out on his own. The game was free a few months ago. Shame on me for not playing it sooner and shame on you if you didn't pick it up.

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