Friday, April 17, 2015

Killing my interest

Three days in and Mortal Kombat X is following the same pattern as the last game.

Day 1: Hey, this game is good! Story mode is cool. Lots of other content. Plenty of characters.

Day 2: Let's try playing online.... Ouch, that was a bad idea. Still not done with story mode, though. Lots to do.

Day 3: I really want to play against other people so time to deal with the input delay. Offline combos don't work online. Dodgy matchmaking in ranked. Easily abused moves that I know how to react to are impossible to avoid because what I do doesn't actually happen for several frames. The only way to succeed is to just do crazy shit and that isn't much fun.

Day 4: Looks like there other games I need to play.

Maybe it will be fixed. I said the same about MX9 and it never was. I have also heard that online play on the Xbox One is slightly better which makes me regret buying it on PS4. Worst of all I knew this going in. I knew that NRS was either unwilling or unable to make a game that was playable online beyond mashing out specials moves.

There is a deceptive amount of depth here that just doesn't work online. For example, throws are quite powerful and the throw mix up is a great idea. It is actually too powerful because teching throws is almost impossible online. Canceling a throw into a combo is an even better idea that is, again, impossible to do with any consistency,

The best punish online is down 2, the uppercut, and that is boring.

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