Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No win scenario

This is a day late because Monday was Monday and I had no time to do anything. And I thought my new job would afford me more time for screwing around behind my desk. It was time to install a constanza, I thought. No such luck.

I watched as much of Nor Cal Regional as I could before falling asleep on Sunday night. It would not have been nearly as late if they didn't have to replay the first four matches of top sixteen because the wrong version of Street Fighter 4 was installed. These games were finished, in the record books, when Ricky Ortiz finally noticed that buffs and nerfs that most mortals would miss entirely were not present. To be specific, she was playing against the best Zangief in the world and noticed that the green hand was just a few frames better than it should be.

Godlike. It was brought up to the tournament organizers who then took it to the Capcom reps because NCR is an officially sanctioned event. To me fair, and I do not disagree, the matches were all payed a second time. All of them ended the same way, save one: Kazunoko (Yun) vs NuckleDu (Guile). There first match went the to the final match, final round and ended in a double KO. It was some of the craziest shit I have ever seen and it killed both players to have to play one more game. Kazunoko won, but barely, and when he was called back to play the match again he cracked before the word go.

And for her efforts Ricky still lost, in spite of couterpicking Zangief with Chun Li.

I am not going to pick on tournament for this. John Choi posted how it happened, apologized, and then offered to fly Kazunoko out for next year's NCR or to another tournament of his choosing. This is a big deal and it could have gone much worse. It is good to see that the issue was recognized and remedied with great professionalism.

There was probably bitching in stream chat but when isn't there bitching in the stream chat.

Side note: the four matches that needed to be played over were done very quickly. I would love it if top sixteen went that fast as a whole. Then maybe I could have seen it all instead of losing consciousness on my couch like the old man I pretend not to be.

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