Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Still not Kratos. Quite.

Apotheon had a significant misstep last night. The game is still quite good and it did not last long but that does not mean I can overlook the problem. It was thematically consistent but a terrible decision, game play wise: enemies, specifically skeletons, that come back to life after being killed. You know, these guys:

It made sense because the enemies show up in Hades. Everyone is already dead, what more can you do to them. And there were a few puzzles that used the resurrection mechanic: a switch the needed to be pulled that was guarded by one of these bastards. Killing him didn't work, he would come back in less time that it took to pull the switch. Instead he had to be led away, killed, and then raced back to the switch.

There is one big reason why immortal enemies should not have been a feature: weapons degrade, quickly, and they cannot be repaired. When one breaks you move down to the next in your inventory, and while there is no limit on how many can be carried weapons are not exactly common. Good weapons even less so.

Even worse, these enemies swarm. On more than once occasion I found myself surrounded by five or six skeletons who would not stay dead. I ran, at least I tried to. All of Hades was a game of cat and mouse and I did not enjoy being the mouse. It did not fit with the rest if the game but at least it is over.

Funny, I recall a certain part of one of the God of Wars taking place in Hades and it being equally bad. Hmmmm...

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