Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The old games call

I have a problem: Neverwinter on the Xbox One is not terrible.

Free to play online only pseudo-mmo throws up all sorts of red flags. Intentional time sink leading to pay to win or pay to speed things up. Content locked behind higher difficulty that requires said pay to win. Neverwinter may have that but it hides it very well. What I saw was a wealth of content, more than I will have time to investigate. There are around eight races, just as many classes, and gigantic skill trees, all of which appear to be free.

The other shoe has not yet dropped. What the game appears to be is something in the vain of the first Guild Wars with the super high level content time locked. I could pay for some of it now or I could put in the time and get it much, much later. 'The time' is filled with fast paced, action RPG combat and reasonable graphics. That was a bit nice, it looks like a refugee from the previous generation, but again, free.

There are complaints: item drops are few and far between. Several times I picked up chests that required keys to open, keys that could be purchased with real world currency. I tried to do it, just to see how much it would cost, and I couldn't figure out how. One would think that the option to spend money would be front and center. If it is I haven't seen it or I am still in the tutorial and it hasn't unlocked yet.

I say again: free and good. Worth checking out, if only for an evening or two. The trick now is to stop playing and get work done on Dying Light.

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