Thursday, May 14, 2015

Better for what it's not

It's hard to come up with much to say about Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China mostly because there is not much to complain about. It is not a buggy mess and I played it only a few weeks after it came out. It is divorced from the tangled mess of a back story that weighs down most main stream Assassin's Creed games granting it a welcome, almost plotless levity. The only tie in at all is a brief mention of Ezio and a magic box he left but all connections to the universe are then dropped.

The game stands alone as a bite sized, six or so hour side scrolling stealth/action game with some very nice visuals. This is where my screen shot would go if I had remember that taking a screen shot does not make it available offline until it is uploaded to One Drive. Why this does not happen automatically, I do not know.

If anything Chronicles: China is an argument for new IP versus side stories to known universes. Removing the Assassin's Creed mantle from Chronicles: China would do it no harm. It would still be the same game, once that prioritized player action over scripted story telling, and that works without all the baggage of an existing, worn out license.

On other hand, why did I purchase it in the first place?

I did not buy it because it was the game I described. I bought it because Assassin's Creed was in the title. Yes, this makes me part of 'the problem.' I am part of many, that is nothing new. If the game was not tied to an existing franchise it would not sell. While there is less risk in a small downloadable titles versus a AAA monstrosity no company is fond of losing money. If there is a gravy train going past then you ride it until it stops.

Business. Just business. The fact that we ever get good games, regardless of size and budget, is a wonder indeed.

Super short review: For $10 you get a very good 2D stealth game that supports multiple play styles over multiple play throughs. You do not need to be heavily invested in the game's fore bearers to enjoy it and the game is better for its independence.


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