Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just surface mad

No Witcher 3 yet and the wait is painful. I want to witch, I want to witch so bad.


If the internet is to be believed (HA!) it is not possible to discuss Mad Max: Fury Road without delving into how pro-feminist it is or isn't. I find it quite confusing. You have hard core anti-feminist nutbags boycotting the film (or perhaps just saying things to generate web traffic) and you have very vocal women gate keeping what true feminism is (or perhaps just saying things to generate web traffic). In the middle are people who think that they approve of what the movie is trying to say, or at least they approve of what they believe the move is trying to say, but it is the internet so they say what they believe to be true as loudly and as often as possible.

I have nothing to say about any of that. Not a thing. Does the movie feature a strong female protagonist? Yes it does. Is the movie more about her than it is about the eponymous Max? Yes it is. But do you know what else the move is about? This fucking guy:

That's the doof warrior. He is more metal than anything you have ever seen. 

Perhaps it is my simplistic, borderline naive worldview talking, but when I watched Mad Max: Fury Road I paid little attention to what the movie had to say about women and their role in a broken society. I was too busy trying to take in some of the most brutal action I have ever seen. It seemed odd to me that the audience did not spontaneously erupt into applause on several occasions, but in truth they couldn't. That would require breathing, something that no one had time to do.

Miller does have deeper things to say here, most of which I have missed. For now I want to enjoy it as spectacle, as a demonstration that practical effects and a good director can do more than a Lucas and a billion dollars of make believe ever could.

For God's sake, go and see this movie. If it beaten at the box office by Pitch Perfect 2 then I quit the world, there is no hope for it.

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  1. Yeah, it beats out Avengers 2, for me. Every action beat felt organic - this movie's plot is its action.