Tuesday, May 5, 2015

No minstrels here

Oh boy, another Battlefield game.



At the very least there was some small amount of work put into making the single player different than the standard roller coaster of manly one liners and over sized weapons usually featured in Call of Battlefield games. The player character is a cop, one that actively tried to not be corrupt and follows the rules. To that end the game rewards the player for behaving in a reasonable (ish) manner and arresting people instead of shooting them.

This lasts until the player is seen at which time every enemy in the level turns into a hyper aware bullet sponge. The guy I could have cornered and hand cuffed ten seconds ago now takes several head shots to bring down. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, but come on. Now I know how the guys trying to kill Scarface felt.

There is some token police work involved via a scanner that magically knows where the applicable clues are, and then it is right back to sneaky sneaky, oh shit, shooty shooty runny runny.

At least it will be short.

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