Saturday, May 16, 2015

One and done

A balance patch hit for MKX last night so of course I had to dust off my Kitana and see what was changed. She actually got a new move, a low that can cancel into specials, which she really did need. I barely got a chance to use it, though, because in the week I took off everyone got really good. I went approximately 1 and 25, the one win against someone who complained about how much I threw him.

You can guess what I did as soon as he started to complain.

I do not know if the online play was improved or if the bar rating on people was made more accurate. Either way the game I played felt smoother than last time. If I could remember how to play that would have made a difference, instead I just lost more quickly.


One day later...

Project Cars was played for all of ten minutes. It was so far to the simulation side of racing games that it just wasn't fun. Getting to a race required navigating at least three menus. When the race began I was in the dirt more than I was on the track (and this was with go karts) and there was not rewind function. The only way to learn was to either lose or restart the race from the beginning.

I am sure that there is a market for the hard core sim racing game but I am not it. I don't have the patience for that any more. The problem is that we are at the beginnings of the summer doldrums and Project Cars was supposed to fill the time between now and The Witcher 3.

Now what? I have spent too much on random digital titles as of late. Maybe I will desert MKX for the moment and return to Killer Instinct.

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