Thursday, May 28, 2015

They took the up out of up port

I was really excited about Ultra Street Fighter 4 on the PS4. All the characters, all the costumes, one less reason to hold on to my Xbox 360. When it came out on Tuesday for the quite reasonable price of 24.99 I purchased it without thought. There is not much good to say.

There is one good thing: my Xbox 360/PS3 Qanaba stick works just fine. That's it.

The Xbox 360 is the definitive version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 followed quite closely by the PC version. If you machine is up to snuff, and mine is decidedly not, the PC version may very well be the better of the two but it does have a significantly smaller player base. I had heard tales of the PS3 version suffering from more input delay than any other version, input delay being the amount of time between when a button is pressed and the action is seen, but I had never seen this quantified.


Courtesy the wizards at, the only place to look for your new gaming television.

First and foremost it is nice to know that I was not imagining how much ass Killer Instinct kicked. Yes, this is just display lag, not lag from playing online, but it does help explain why paying KI online is a better approximation of offline play than any other fighting game. Right behind it is the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter. Significantly further down the list is the PS3 version, thereby proving that everyone who complained about Evo running Street Fighter on PS3s was correct.

And second from the bottom is PS4 Street Fighter. What the hell. (Side note: MKX for the XboxOne comes out 2ms ahead of the PS4 version. Imperceptible, but still, come on.)

Capcom did not do the USF4 port in house. It was farmed out to a third party that either did not know how fighting games worked or that the PS4 was supposedly a beast of a machine. If this were the only problem it would be terrible, but there are copious sound bugs, display errors and the menus themselves run at half the speed of other version.

This is a bad port. MKX PC port bad. Bad enough that Capcom will not be running this version for the Capcom Cup Events and Evo has pulled it as well. It may be fixed but the damage is done.

Because I am stubborn I played this for about three hours on Tuesday night. Long enough to crack into the top ten Blankas (which is not saying much because the game had been out for about six hours) and more than long enough to want to play a better version on a much older system.


I continue to Witch, getting very little done in any one play session. The Witcher does not bother to tell the player that he or she has wandered a bit too far off of the beaten path chasing question marks on the map. Instead it kills them with monsters ten levels higher than what has been previously seen. Then it reminds the player that it auto-saves approximately never.

Yes, of course this happened to me.

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