Monday, June 22, 2015

False ending? Sure, I'll play more.

Urge to spoil rising. Must resist.

For about half an hour last night I thought that I was on the cusp of wrapping up The Witcher 3. Garelt had done a lap around the known world, collecting allies for a last stand against the big bad. Preparations where made, there was a big battle, a unnamed number of people die, and I waited for the credits.

Nope, not only was this a false ending but there is another whole act to go. I have been playing this game nightly since a month ago today. At around three hours a night that comes out to ninety hours, minus a day or two for wrestling pay per views and fighting games. It doesn't feel like I have put that much time into it. It has yet to feel like work and I have put more effort than usual into crafting and scrounging for monsters parts to build into swanky new duds.

Ideally the game will wrap up some time this week. The list behind it is now two games deep plus the most recent chapter of Telltale's Game of Thrones. When it is finally done I predict that it will leave the same hole that Skyrim did. This is a world that I have lived in for a significant amount of time. And then I will turn it off for the last time and leave it until the next game comes out.

In the intervening years I will forget just about everything about it. As good as the game is the time required to experience it prevents it from being consumed in the same way as a movie. Films I can watch over and over, committing them to memory so that apropos quotes are always within reach. But RPGs of exceptional length are only experienced once. There are not enough hours in the day to do otherwise.

It's a little melancholy, isn't it? The Witcher 3 has built a universe that I have enjoyed being a part of but will soon forget. It will blend together with all of the other 'big games' I play, save for a gem or two that will be more easily stashed away for recovery later.

Garelt and Ciri throwing snowballs at one another, trying for just a moment to be family again in the midst of world changing events, is one such gem.


  1. God, and that all Witcher drunken bender...

  2. My Garelt chickened out and went to bed because Yen told him to. :(