Friday, June 12, 2015

Higher and higher

Less then twelve hours after my second set of cheap shots at the PS4 Ultra Street Fighter 4 port a second patch was releases that fixed most, and I stress most, of the issues. Input latency feels more in line with the other versions. Menu now move at normal speed. Online play, when you can find a match, feels better. The ping bars are still broken which makes ranked almost unplayable. It feels like less of a waste of money now. One more patch to fix the remaining sound bugs and find matches in ranked and it will be worth what I paid for it.

I do not blame Capcom sponsored tournaments for running from this port as fast as they could upon its release. There was no guarantee that it was going to be fixed quickly, if at all. It is my belief that it is receiving such prompt attention to avoid it casting a cloud over the Street Fighter V news. If that is what it takes for Capcom to step in and get shit done, so be it.


The Witcher 3 feels like it is never going to end. Up until the 1.04 patch I would have been okay with this but 1.04 has rendered the game last stable over all. As I mentioned yesterday the UI fixes are wonderful but I have crashed once a night since the patch was installed. I also seem to be running into a lot of floating NPCs...

He looks awfully pleased with himself.

Tomorrow I will post of video proving that Novigrad has its own Ministry of Silly Walks.

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