Friday, June 19, 2015

Minus the ignominious death

Several days ago I changes how I was playing The Witcher 3. Up to that point Garelt had been a completionist. He has to see all of the question marks, do all of the quest, kill all of the monsters, etc. Then I got to Skellige, the third major area, and most of the question marks were at sea and required deep diving to find. Garelt quickly morphed into Cain from Kung Fu: he walked the earth, doing good deeds, and if something interesting happened to be in his path he took care of it.

I don't know if it is going to save me any time but it does keep me from getting stressed out of all these question marks that I have not investigated. And is I miss a few, so be it, I am already so over leveled that story missions are giving me all of 5 xp.

This xp truncation causes problems. For example, I have blueprints for items with a level requirement in the forties. I am around level twenty four. How the hell will I ever get that powerful when story missions start getting stingy?

Also, my decision to ignore the card game make finally be coming back to haunt me. I have around six or seven quests that revolve are gwent that I cannot do. One of them is literally impossible to complete because the person I was supposed to win a card from has left the continent.

This time sink is only going to be acceptable for a few more days as there is a new Batman game coming out that demands attention. It may actually be a good summer for games.

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