Thursday, June 11, 2015

The hype reserve

Pre-E3 hype is slowly building...

And I am not going to even attempt to keep track of any of it until the event is finished and the important announcements have been conveniently collated and categorized. There is far too much news for me to get my head around and I am something of an enthusiast. People who don't play everything must be even more overwhelmed, then again people who don't play everything don't really pay much attention to E3, either.

Capcom has gotten out ahead of the game and revealed more details regarding the release date-less Street Fighter V. New engine mechanics are cool and all but the most important possible feature has yet to be talked about: how will the damn game play online. MKX has proven that a game working as intended online is not a guarantee on the new hardware. Hell, the Ultra Street Fighter 4 port is proof that the game may not work at all.

Sony is in bed with Capcom on this one which puts it squarely up against Killer Instinct. I predict the same kind of seasonal release with new characters sold individually or as a set. This is a good thing as the lower cost of entry should get more people involved. But is what they are playing going to at all resemble the way the game is intended to be played?

MKX online is a different game than MKX offline. They have very little in common. On the flip side, KI is very close to the same. KI just works. To a slightly lesser extent Street Fighter just worked on Xbox 360. I had never played offline before going to my first tournament and the adjustment was not insurmountable.

Capcom is free to announce all the bells and whistles that they can come up with but I will reserve my hype until A, the make promises regarding the net code that they can actually keep and B, Blanka is announced. Then...

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