Thursday, June 4, 2015

The wrong kind of padding

I think that I mat be wrapping up the second area in Wild Hunt. There are still a few guarded treasure chests and monster hives that I am too weak to take care of but the main and side quests are pointing me north to the next zone. The first hour or so in the last area was overwhelming, to saw the least, so I am going to dip my toes in first and see if I am ready. A quest here, a quest there, then run back to the relative safety of the Bloody Barons keep.

More wrinkles are beginning to show and I peer deeper into what Wild Hunt has to offer. They aren't any different that problems I had with the last game so at least it is consistent. I have little love for crafting in games and The Witcher has gone out of its way to make it appear important. I say appear because, more often than not, I find a weapon better than the best one I can craft right after I crafted it. Not a little better, either. Significant enough that I have started putting off crafting for as long as possible.

I went on an extended scavenger hunt to find all of the pieces of a set of witcher gear. The armor was fine but both swords were worse than what I already had. Crafting serves as little more than time padding and Wild Hunt does not need it. There is already more than enough to do without having to traipse back and forth across its world searching for schematics to armor worse than what I can but at the corner shop.

It must appeal to someone, probably the same people who put points into alchemy instead of combat, and to the games credit it does not punish the player harshly for not crafting, at least at the normal difficulty. Perhaps the hardest level requires the player to search for every little advantage or die horrible to random encounters.

That sounds like work to me. I would sooner get involved in the personal drama between a baron and his family. My Garelt is more Jerry Springer than Conan.

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