Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What a difference a patch makes

The Witcher 3 hit version 1.04 on console last night bring it to parity (I think) with its PC big brother. There is quite a bit of information in the patch notes but only one thing that I care about: the font size has been increased throughout. Words cannot express how happy this makes me.

Being an old man with terrible eyes, I had a difficult time reading any of the text so I skipped most of it, instead judging which weapons and armor were better but how much read or green was displayed next to their stats. Now I can actually see what I am doing. It may be my imagination but the game as a whole looks cleaner, brighter.

See this, Ubisoft? This is how you support a game. The Witcher 3 was nowhere near the mess Assassin's Creed Unity was at launch and they still have made changes more quickly. Not just bug fixes, either, game play tweaks like the bovine defense initiative:

...which doesn't quite do what they meant it to do. Still, bug fixes, right? This is guy is floating in the air he is so excited.

10 points for trying, minus 1 for not quite thinking things through.

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