Monday, June 29, 2015

You mean Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum aren't the same person?

I put off starting LEGO Jurassic World until after I saw the movie for fear of the dreaded spoiler. After seeing Jurassic World it became apparent that this was very silly: Jurassic World is a greatest hits collection of everything anyone who liked dinosaurs as a child wanted to see. There might as well not be any characters, all of the people are either plot devices or monster food.

This is not a complaint. I knew going in that it was a movie about dinosaurs eating people, and indeed, people were eaten.

Back on topic, I always make a habit of running through LEGO games once and then setting them aside. The amount of garbage to collect and unlock in each game is far more than is worth doing while the game themselves remain a pleasant distraction. The last few have lost a bit of their charm and I think I can trace it back to their addition of voice acting.

In the beginning there was no voice acting, only LEGO mini-figures mugging at the camera in familiar, if absurdly realized, scenes. It worked because everyone knew the story that was being told so well, I am talking about early Star Wars games, that spoken dialogue wouldn't have added anything. On top of that it forced Travelers Tales to tell everything by showing which made for some hilarious scenes.

Starting with one of the LEGO Batman games all of the characters have been fully voiced. The games are still good but have begun to feel more and more like generic kid friendly collect-a-thons instead of LEGO based retelling of well worn stories. Still good, just not quite as good as before.

Side note: apparently I have not seen Jurassic Park 3. All of the scenes in my memory that I attributed to the third movie were from the second one. Or my mind is going. Could be both.

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