Thursday, July 9, 2015

I have little self control (SPOILERS)

That's it, I have no more self control.


...heh, I actually didn't know some of those movie spoilers. Oh well.

There is one specific fear I have about Arkham Knight: that it doesn't have the courage to follow through on a devastating plot point. Specifically, that Barbara Gordon is dead. Her being dead and how Batman doesn't deal with it is excruciating. I am at the half way point and Batman just straight up lied to Robin. 'She's fine,' he said. I guess fine means trapped in a room full of fear gas with a whole in her head.

If the game backs out of this and macguffin's her back to life I will be pissed. There is a built in escape: the player doesn't actually see Barbara shoot herself. It is obscured by the Joker in Batman's head. It's not as if people coming back from the dead is that crazy in a world that contains Lazarus pits. Speaking of the Al Ghuls...

I have two theories on who the Arkham Knight is. The first, and the more reasonable and boring option, is that it is Talia Al Ghul. I do not remember how she died in Arkham City but unless it was under a steam roller there is no reason that she could not be back. This would account for the Knights knowledge of Batman, his/her thinner build and ability to fight Batman toe to toe for short periods.

The second and more interesting theory is that the Knight is Clay Face and that the suit is holding him together, having been diluted by his trip into the Lazarus pit. This option is really cool and would finally highlight a villain other than Joker, Penguin and Two Face. Oh wait, those three are back in spite of one of them being cremated at the beginning of the game.


There, I feel much better.

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