Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I should be embarrassed...

...but I am not.

Onechanbara Z2 Chaos is, in a word, gratuitous. What the characters wear is gratuitous. The action is gratuitous in both gore and impact. The number of enemies that need to be killed is gratuitous. There is no effort to be subtle or to develop characters or to make any excuse for its existence other than 'this is a game about bikini clad vampires killing monsters'.

And that's okay. It's refreshing, even.

The game isn't good, as it were, it is the equivalent of summer B movie garbage that is refreshing and forgettable. But that doesn't mean that it a throw away title. The developers knew exactly what the game was, how offensive it could, and embraced it. Inappropriately dressed heroines? It takes it as far as it can without becoming pornographic. Lots of enemies? The game is almost on the level of Dynasty Warriors. Fan service? You can play dress up with the girls. Hard boiled action? Well...

When compared to the giants of the genre the game comes up a bit short in the combat department. There are moves to unlock and weapons to purchase but none of it is required to succeed. Mashing square in combination with the interesting chase mechanic does all of the killing that needs to be done. I am still unlocking moves that I have no intention of using which is a clear indication of how limited the combat is, at least on Medium. The B game-ness shows a bit here, but I can forgive it because everything else is done with infectious reckless abandon.

It's Bayonetta light. And since I will never get to play Bayonetta 2 it will have to do.


What the hell does Z2 Chaos mean, anyway?

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