Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moving images

So, that was a lot of words. I never linked the actual matches:


Both are worth watching regardless of ones familiarity with Street Fighter.

Speaking of Street Fighter, the SFV beta has been downloaded and is waiting to unlock tomorrow. I am not terribly excited about any of the characters that will be available but it will be nice to get my hands on it to start learning the system. Being a charge character player my choices are limited to Bison and more Bison. At least his 'new' design is pretty good.

While I do applaud Capcom and Sony for setting up an almost public beta the way it is going to run leaves a lot to be desired. Their stated goal is to test the net code and content delivery system therefore those are the only parts of the game that are going to work. No offline multiplayer. No offline practice room. You start, pick a character, get dumped into a waiting room where you can practice and when the game finds a match for you, you play. If this was a fighting game that I know it would not be a big deal but I really would like the opportunity to beat on a practice dummy uninterrupted for a long as I please.

There is no release date for Street Fighter V yet but it is a very safe bet that it will be Spring of next year. Ono has said that he wants it at EVO next year and for that to happen it needs to be out by, at the very latest, May.

I can wait. Just give me Blanka.

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