Monday, July 6, 2015

Pure fanboy-ism

I am listening to the conversation between Jim Sterling, who has replaced Yahtzee as my acerbic internet critic waifu, and some knob from Digital Homicide. In my opinion, being little more than an internet dude who reacts to things, Sterling is not innocent here. He has picked on Digital Homicide a little more than other companies, however this guy, this guy, every single one of his arguments boils down to 'you shouldn't say that because it is mean.' He believes that he is immune to criticism because he is a small developer, that he is owed some universal charity because he is trying.

Trying is just that, trying. If you fail, then you fail, and that failure should be pointed out. The correct way to react would be to say 'Yeah, this game is bad, what should I do instead?' not plugging your ears, stomping your feet, and yelling at the top of your lungs that 'this is best I can do, you will like it!'

I don't know why Sterling talked to him for as long as he did. Actually, I do know why he did: the longer that the gentleman from Digital Homicide spoke the worse he sounded. It was embarrassing. Good lord, it is still going. Sterling, point out that the games aren't fun and hang up on him.


Finally, he said it, the game is not fun to play.


I may have to throw money and Sterling's Patreon for this, if only to sponsor this kind of warranted abuse.


Okay, enough of that. Arkham Knight has brilliant bits that I cannot talk about as it would be a total disservice to anyone who hasn't played it yet. I so want to gush about something showing up that I never thought I would see outside of a comic book and then complain that it did not quite go far enough. All that I can in good conscious discuss are the game mechanics and I am not quite as thrilled with them as they seem to be working in opposition to one another.

The batmobile, for example, is awesome. I love how it looks, I love how it controls in assault mode and it drives well enough otherwise to navigate the cramped streets of Gotham. Using it, however, means missing any and all of the hidden missions. The hidden missions themselves are revealed in a very organic, world consistent way via intercepted radio messages, but if you happen to be driving at the time, good luck finding them. Batman can move just as quickly on his own, flying from rooftop to rooftop, so the batmobile is simultaneously a great addition and completely pointless. It shines in the missions designed for it and is a hindrance otherwise.

For once I am not playing a multi-platform game on the least desirable of the the main three options. That honor belongs to the PC version, which to my knowledge has still not been returned to the Steam marketplace. The Xbox One is my primary platform and I will stick to it for misguided, silly reasons. Arkham Knight looks very good, runs smoothly, but is so visually dense that I lose track of what I am trying to do, punch, or shoot. Much of that is due to the near constant rain but distinguishing enemies from the beautiful backgrounds can be difficult. I do now know if there is a solution to this as it is closer to the way things really are. Maybe I don't want photo realism, after all.

Then there is the combat. I spent half an hour on a single encounter last night in which I needed to rescue a fireman from fifteen or so guys. I am not sure how many there were because more mooks seemed to fall out of the air as I fought on longer. It was death over and over, until out of nowhere I succeeded, the problem being I have no idea what I did differently. I probably got lucky which is what bothers me the most.

It has been previously established that I am not very good at video games, so take that last paragraph with a grain of salt.


I cannot wait to get back to this game. I cannot wait to see more things that I cannot talk about for fear of stirring the anti-spoiler mob. Do I even have a mob's worth of readers? Maybe I should test this.

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  1. I never thought DH would be the exact thing I pictured in my head. A self possessed charlatan, but still a human being if allowed to talk long enough.

    What if Jim just started something wonderful? What if there was a youtube series where people who post racist and sexist and other-ist stuff where called up and forced to speak for longer than 5 minutes?

    If they weren't all disaffected 11 year old boys...