Friday, July 24, 2015

Stop bitching

I had every intention of spending all night into the wee hours of this morning playing the Street Fighter V beta. Alas, I could not. No one could. The flood gates opened at 8:00 PM my time and the I gather the servers summarily shit themselves because almost no one could get connected and the very few who did never actually got past the practice room. Capcom tried to fix it, took it down for a while, put it back up, and then today announced that they don't know when it is going to work and that they will make up the lost day or days of the previously announced beta time.

And that's okay. Because it's a beta test. The game is not done. It's not even close to being done. Capcom specifically stated that the purpose of this beta was to test net play. This means no offline mode, just random match making. The result? It doesn't work yet. At all. Am I disappointed? Of course, but I also know that, as bad as it went, it was useful for Capcom, and that is what matters.

This is not a tragedy or a fiasco. It is a test behaving as tests sometimes do: monumental failure. Capcom will make up the days, we will get out beta test and the final product will be better for getting these mistakes out of the way early. No one knows exactly when this will be, which bothers the more entitled chuckle fucks out there, but that's just too bad. Street Fighter V doesn't even have a date yet. It will be done when it is done. The next beta will arrive when it's ready and no one will have lost anything.

At the very most people who planned their weekend around this will need to find alternate forms of entertainment. I attempted to play Mortal Kombat online again, which was not fun, because I am not good and the net code is still ass. Maybe Netherrealms should take a few notes from Capcom and test important parts of their game before unleashing it on the frothing masses.

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