Monday, July 27, 2015

The old man knows best

The Street Fighter V beta was up and down all weekend. If the multiple streams are to be believed, California got preferential treatment, leaving everyone east of Nevada out in the cold. I am significantly east of Nevada and I still got in.


For around 60 seconds of practice room time. The game did not appreciate my scrubby Ryu combos or that I had no audience so I was booted out. One of those statements is not true.

From those 60 seconds I can say that the game feels quite different. I never played much Third Strike, it fell during my non-Street Fighter phase (college) but V felt like a heavier Third Strike. Time will tell, and I hope to actually play the beta at some point, but it is difficult to form an worth while opinion when I have been exclusively a charge player for a long, long time and the only charge character in the demo is the one that I don't know how to play.


Deception IV for the PS4 was briefly on the coming soon list. It did arrive and I did play it for about an hour. It was not exactly the same as the last Deception IV on the PS3 but for some reason I just could not muster the energy to play it. Not enough time has passed since the last game for me to get over the wonky controls and last generation graphics. It has been passed on in favor of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (which is just more Wolfenstein) and Onechanbara Z2 (which I will deny having played if ever question about it in person).


Side story: An emergency run was made on Saturday afternoon to the grocery store as there was a sudden and unexplained desire for barbecued corn on the cob. I arrived just as one employee wheeled out a brand new crate and began to stock the display. He was mostly in the way so I waited for him to finish. As he worked another employee sidled up and they began to discuss Assassin's Creed games. Having played all of them, I listened.

The discussion was on which was the best one. Ezio and his trilogy were mentioned several times. The first employee turned to make a comment, leaving an opening for me to finally get to the corn, so I sneaked in behind him, grabbed what I came for, and dropped right into my comic book guy mode.

'You are fooling yourselves if you list any other than Black Flag as the best,' I said.
'That's barely an Assassin's Creed game. You just sail around doing piratey things.'

I sagely nodded. One of them got it. The other was confused. The corn was delicious.

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  1. Ah that must have been a beautiful moment.

    ...God Unity sucked...