Thursday, July 30, 2015

We'll see how badass he really is

Onechanbara has the sense to be on the short side. It is not possible to maintain its level of smut for very long before it shifts from amusing to uncomfortable. The final boss arrived, I prepared for the false ending that never came, and it was over. The final boss was something of a disappointment. What should have been some terribly over the top be-titted monstrosity was just a normal sized fight. It did require me to pay attention to dodging, which was a first, and which meant that I could not pull out all four girls at the same time to attack. The one under direct control was fine but the other three did not have the sense to dodge the approaching blades of death.

It was fun, now it is over, let us never speak of it again. Until the next sequel.


Yes, I purchased Tembo the Badass Elephant because it has a fantastic name. The retail release list is nonexistent between now and the end of August, at least for me, so I will need to actually pay to get my kicks. Tembo will hopefully be a good start, and Galak-Z is next week, so there is no shortage of small things to dive into.

If only the free games for XBox Live and PS+ weren't game that I already owned on the opposing system.