Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beta works, but does the game?

The Street Fighter V beta finally reached a playable state last night and I was able to log in about three hours with a character that I would never actually play. At first the demo was limited to Ryu, Bison, Nash and Chun Li. The only charge character is Bison and the way he works in V is just bizarre. His walk speed is incredibly slow but he can dish out a ton of damage if he can ever actually get close. Not my thing. Birdie and Cammy showed up later, but still, nah.

Nash is not just a Guile clone so I did not play him and I have never been a fan of Chun Li so I ground out Ryu for as long as I could stand it. The good news is that, and keep in mind the game is still many months from release, the execution demands are much lower. Jump ins almost always lead to huge damage (jumping HP, standing MP, crouching HP, light hurricane into EX-DP in the corner is somewhere around 25% damage). There is what used to be called a link there, from MP to crouching HP, but it is loose enough that I can double tap HP and get it almost every time.

There is a catch: you will almost never land a clean jump in against someone who is paying attention, It just doesn't happen. It happened to me a whole lot until I realized that the recovery on fireballs is ridiculously long that the safe range is much different than it was in 4. Most character have a way to deal with fireballs from a distance, like Nash's and Bison's fireball absorbing moves, so they don't seem to be as important anymore. To have any success you need to be up in your opponents face and make a home there.

I don't know if I like this. It makes what I am comfortable playing, a hit and run style shenanigans heavy Blanka, not possible (assuming that Blanka makes it, I may have to play Necali instead). Right now V feels very deliberate, almost slow. There can be long stretches of a match where little happens other than jockeying for position, followed by one or two mistakes and then round is then done.

Again, the game is not finished yet, and it won't be complete for a long time. I just wish there was someone who I actually enjoyed playing in the beta so I could give a better opinion.


  1. Ohmigosh, you're playing Until Dawn?

  2. I will be as soon as it arrives. Should be starting today.