Monday, August 24, 2015

Early dismissal

Many thanks for the recommendations on Friday. I am already playing Tales from the Borderlands and it is easily their best game since the first season on The Walking Dead. It is regularly laugh out loud funny, something that games don't manage to do very often. I have not been talking about it because I really don't want to spoil anything about its plot. If you like Tell Tale's take on adventure games then it is definitely worth it.

...and it is leagues better than Game of Thrones, a series that gets more depressing with each episode.

Zombi might be a possibility if I hadn't over dosed on zombie killing with Wolfenstein: The Old Blood followed up by Onechanbara Z2 followed up by Zombie Army. I am officially done with the undead for at least a few weeks. There is also the funds problem as I may have dropped a big chunk of dough on part three of my sleeve. It is not done yet so no one gets to see it for about three weeks. You want a hint? Yesterday I learned that the distance from your wrist to your armpit is much longer that one would expect and it is all sensitive skin.

Saying that I was playing Steamworld Dig was not a joke. It pitches itself as a Metroid-vania, which is cannot quite deliver on, but what it does manage to be is Spelunky minus all of the rouguelike bits that I hate. It's fun, not too difficult, doesn't look like a 16bit game, and is short enough that I was finished before I got bored. Why didn't I play this before?

Simple answer: it has a terrible title and the main character to none to exciting to look at. I judged the book by its cover and the game sat, installed and unplayed, for months. I need to make more of an effort to spend a few minutes on the free offerings each month. If nothing else it could save me money for things like this:

Shhh, don' tell anyone what hides under my shirt.

(I couldn't resist the tease)


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  2. I made a post i thought wouldn't be a spoiler. It was... It was, though.

  3. I really like Steamworld Dig! Shit, I forgot to write that up in the post the other day.

    Yeah, I played through it 1.5 times on the Vita. It's a nice, comfy little platformer with steady progress and cool strategic/puzzly elements to the digging as you get deeper. Thumbs up!