Monday, September 21, 2015

Almost there.

It's going to be close. Very, very close.

I may just finish MGSV tonight, scant hours ahead of Soma's release. It helps that about half of Chapter 2's missions are just more difficult versions of Chapter 1 missions that can be safely skipped. On the other hand I need to play an undetermined number of side ops missions to get the final main missions to pop. It could take an hour. It could take five. I am at the mercy of Kojima whims.

That does not sound promising.

Chapter 2 has rolled out more linear missions, ridiculous melodrama and difficult to stomach situations that the first chapter. In other words, this is the game that I wanted to play in the first place. It pains me that I need to venture back into the wastelands of Afghanistan and trudge through 'Hostage Rescue 10' and 'High Value Solider 15' (actual names, by the way) to get to more of what I want.

I do wonder if this is really the game that Kojima wanted to make or if it was just the best he could do under the incompetent thumb of Konami interference. Supposedly there was a third chapter of the game that tied up a few of the loose ends that was scrapped in favor of the online portion that I will never play and the microtransations that I will never make.

Just getting to the end should not be my motivation for playing any game, much less a Metal Gear game.

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