Wednesday, September 23, 2015

As vague as I can be

MGSV was finished in time and I would really like to discuss the ending but cannot as I would need to put spoiler warnings on the entire post. Instead of going into detail (for now) I will explain why in bothered me using by disdain for roguelikes as a starting point.

You may not believe this, but it is not the difficulty that I find most frustrating about games like Bloodborne or Galak-Z. Fighting games are hard and I am happy to be bad at them for extended periods of time. No, it the lack of progression, or more specifically, having to do the same thing in the same area more than once, that immediately turns me off. As soon as familiarity sets in so does contempt.

This is also why there are very, very few games I have played through more than once. I can think of one recent example off the top of my head, Limbo, and that was only because I had an audience and it was short. New game + is just not a thing for me. I have tried and it never works, I just grow bored too quickly. Even if playing the game itself is enjoyable if I have done it before in that game I don't want to do it again.

Metal Gear, in its translation to open world and possible abuse by Konami, has big open spaces and a ton of repeated content. Side missions take place in the same place as story missions and have identical objectives. More than half of the chapter two main missions are just harder version of chapter one story missions. The last stray was the final mission, the final mandatory mission, being a repeat. There was a bit of a change, a startling reveal, but it happened in the first five minutes and I was forced to play the whole thing through again. It was infuriating and pointless.

I spent 54 hours playing Metal Gear Solid V and was bored for about a third of it. But it is done now and I can play a better shorter game.


Soma is, so far, not very frightening. I think that Amnesia and PT have calloused me. It does, however, have a fascinating story and I cannot wait to get back to it. Maybe the scares will come later. If that don't, that's okay.

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