Thursday, September 24, 2015

I wonder what the view is like

I was correct yesterday when I dubbed Soma not very frightening, at least in a traditional boo, scary ghosts and monsters way. It is, however, intellectually horrifying. I cannot say much without giving away important revelations. For God's sake, if you ever plan on playing this game, avoid as much discussion about it as you possibly can. I believe I am about half way through and cannot wait to see how it turns out.

The game's main question is this: what does it mean to be you? Are you 'you' only in the moment? What if 'you' could be copied, saved, and then brought to life again later? Which 'you' would be the real 'you'? What if 'you' were installed into a toaster?

That last question is, at best, only a slight exaggeration.

As a game Soma is only as good as it needs to be. It could certainly look better, the frame rate could be better, though that may unique to the PS4 version. None of those nitpicks do much to harm the experience. The quality of the voice acting does. There is some heavy, depressing shit being discussed and it does not receive the gravitas that it deserves. The main character accepts his bizarre situation far to quickly and with far too little drama. Saying 'is this new life worth living' the way one would order extra fries is not a good thing.

Soma is not a game that will keep you up at night like PT did, waiting for the ghost to appear from around a corner or for the refrigerator to start swinging wildly from the ceiling. It will keep you up thinking about its themes of self, eternity, and the hell of living out that eternity trapped inside a machine.

And that is much worse.

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  1. No, the fps sucks on pc too.

    Not that I'm complaining since I get some damn near literary sci-fi in my vidja' games.