Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Legitimate. This time.

It's time to talk about Metal Gear again. Deep breaths.

Most, okay all, of my complaints so far have been subjective. I did not like something because it was not what I was expected or what I was hoping for. This next one is far more egregious. I cannot think of a single reason for it to work the way it does other than Konami stealthily pushing the game towards the fremium market in spite of it not being free.


Why do more powerful weapons and larger base upgrades take between eighteen minutes and two and a half fucking hours of real time to unlock once they are paid for? That is the kind of in your face bull shit that I would expect from Game of War or Clash of Clans, 'games' that cost more money to stop playing than they do to play in the first place. I have saved up all the necessary components and kidnapped enough people, give me my damn rocket launcher.

There is no reason for this. None. The game is already padded with hours upon hours of identical side missions, now I have to find a way to fill ninety more minutes so that the building upgrade I purchased becomes available? No. Just no.

I am going to finish the game's main missions but will be skipping the side missions until I run out of money. Watch there be a skipping side missions tax.

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  1. man... I'm with you. 18 hours in, it wants me to grind for a rocket launcher so i can take out tanks and I won't. I just won't.

    I'm so sick of Afghanistan.