Friday, September 18, 2015

Panning for gold



After around forty hours of MGSV I have come across three gold standard, AAA moments. The first was the opening sequence, which I have already talked about, but it bears repeating that it is one of the most amazing tutorial first levels I have ever played, regardless of genre. If the whole game was that intense I would never stop slobbering over it.

The second was in a side mission before I swore off doing any more. Seriously, the game needs to be done by the 21st and there is a PPV on Sunday night. It was just another 'retrieve high value soldier' mission but the base was so well guarded that I could not even make it close without alerting every soldier in a mile radius. So fuck it, I went in hot. When Big Boss is spotted by an enemy that didn't already know he was there the game drops into reflex mode, a few seconds of slow motion time that gives the player a chance to fix their mistake. Usually I would use the tranquilizer gun but I found that a clean head shot kill with an un-silenced weapon would alert the rest of the soldiers but they would not be able to locate the shooter. Instead of investigating they hunker down. This in turn allowed me to sneak of on the next one, shoot him in the head and scare the crap out of everyone else.

Like Batman, but with guns.

I did this to around two dozen guards before a helicopter showed up and I destroyed that with a one in a million, technically out of range shot from a rocket launcher. When I was done there was one soldier left, the one that I needed to retrieve. I walked up to him, let him shoot me a few times, and knocked him out.

The third moment was last night - a boss fight that was the most Metal Gear moment of the whole game. That is to say it was well presented and just a little bit unfair. It took a while and much profanity but I beat it, then made the mistake of checking on how much more I had to go. Even without doing any more side missions this is going to take forever.

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