Thursday, September 10, 2015

Uncomfortable revelations

I want to complain about MGSV more but alas, I cannot. Last night while getting this done:

I discovered that my artist was playing MGSV. He loved all the same things that I have complained about which were most of the same things that Chance and I have been talking about. It has occurred to me in the past the the more often I think that everyone is an idiot but me the greater the chance is that I am actually the idiot. Looks like this is one of those times.

And then, as if to rub it in, MGSV wished me a happy birthday last night. Fine. You win. You are a better game than I am willing to admit because I am bad at playing you. Can we just get along now so I can finish you in time for Forza 6, Soma and Mad Max? I promise to stop talking bad about you behind your back.

...that's a lie. And if I am still playing you when Soma comes out you can fuck right off.

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