Monday, October 19, 2015

Anger issues

On Friday night I finished up Mad Max and followed it up with a few beers and a second viewing of Fury Road. I am now sufficiently prepared for the coming resource wars and water shortages and plan to take full advantage of my location in the great midwest, just a few miles east of a big ass source of fresh water. There will be a shop with my name on, guarded by toughs with big guns, and the prices will be exorbitant.

Now it is time to discuss the ending of Mad Max and how Fury Road is still an amazing movie that contains about thirty seconds of unforgivable bull shit. As is the new custom:

My Chumbucket betrayal prediction was right on the money but it was done in a way that didn't taint the character. Chum was never in Max's life to help Max. Max was just the best way Chum to get the parts he needed to finish the magnum opus. When the car was complete he knew that Max was leave him so Chum waited for the the perfect moment, one that he thought Max would not return from, and he stole the car.

Max survived his encounter with dozens of scavengers in a buried airport because of course he did, he's Max. Max rescued the little girl, delivered her to her mother and was all set to right off into the sunset when, surprise, no car. He steals one, finds Chumbucket and does not kill him, instead fighting off a pack of war boys who saw the car and assumed that Max was in it.

For a moment it seems that Max will forgive Chum, his recent dealings with the child having softened him up from homicidal maniac all the way down to crazy guy who will kill you for looking at him funny. Then Chum confessing to giving up the location of Faith and Hope, the mother and child who Max has helped.

Yeah, they're dead. Max arrives just in time to hold the child as she expires.

To his credit, Max still does not kill Chum. He saves that for when he has Scrotus teetering over the edge of a cliff in his war wagon. Instead of shooting it again to knock it off he rams it with the magnum opus, destroying it and crushing Chum to death.

He has anger issues.

Max in the game was never likable. Since the game started off independent of the recent film I can understand, even support the decision. He was all about survival. By the end of the game just about everyone he had come into contact with was dead. All he has left is his car, which appears in a moment of auto ex machina in the game's final encounter, a picture of his wife and child and Hope's snow globe. But he's alive.

This was a good, if a bit depressing, game. Shout outs to the thunder dome showing up. Maybe there will be a Mad Max skin in Just Cause 3.


You already know what moment in Fury Road I am going to complain about. In the theater I was still too numb from everything that came before it to register it as being terrible but at home, in a much calmer mood, it sticks out far too much to be let go. The final crash and Nux's sacrifice were terrible. Not Nux's actual act, per say, but why he had to do it, his final words, and the results of the explosion, all terrible.

For starters, the big dude tearing the top of the engine off looked cartoonish. The movie had managed to look at least plausible for an hour and fifty five minutes and then gigantor rips the head off of one of the engines. Nux looks up at him with the same WTF expression that I had. Nux's last words are not the problem, they were perfect, but the audience should not have heard them. They should have been mouthed, in silence, and seen from Max's perspective.

Those two are forgivable. Hell, I am probably quite wrong about them both. After the crash, when the doof warrior's guitar and Immortan Joe's emblem are thrown at the screen in a moment of 'of shit, do something in 3D so we can charge more for tickets', is a tragic moment. It's terrible. It looks amateurish, like something out of a direct to DVD release. When did Peter Jackson sneak on to the set?

/sick burn

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